About our Founder

David was born in Juarez, Mexico, on the border with El Paso, Texas.  His parents were missionaries.  They founded an orphanage, Emmanuel Children's Home in 1960, which is still in operation today.  At age 11, his family moved to northern California.  He graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Business Administration, but while his classmates were getting internships or going on to graduate school, David decided to move back to the mission.  That is where he met his beautiful bride Elia De LaCruz.  They have been married for 30 years, have three children, David, Sara and Mario, and one grand-daughter, Hailey June.

After the birth of their first son, the family moved to El Paso, where David was a high school math teacher for six years, while taking night classes at UTEP.  David earned his teacher's certificate after two years and then a Masters in Educational Administration after two more years, with the idea of one day becoming a high school principal.  But he decided to change his career to accounting, so he took two more years of accounting courses to pass the CPA exam, in 1995.  In 1996, David began his first management position as CFO of a small struggling computer reselling business.  In six months, David negotiated a new $3M line of credit and implemented a new accounting system, called Great Plains, which became Microsoft Dynamics GP.  David moved on to work for a staffing company that wanted to implement GP.  David helped this company grow from $2M in sales to over $15M in sales over seven years, by implementing and managing the IT systems that enabled the company to expand into staffing for both temporaries and leased employees.   

Meanwhile, David's wife, Elia, attended UTEP and earned a Bachelors in Spanish.  She then earned her Masters in Spanish Literature at NMSU, just 40 miles north of El Paso.  The family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2004, when Elia was accepted to ASU as a doctoral candidate.  In Phoenix, David first worked as a Financial Systems Manager for a publicly traded company with operations in the US and Canada that also used Dynamics GP.  He was the in-house Dynamics GP administrator and instructor.  One day, David received a call from a Microsoft partner that asked him if he had ever thought about becoming a consultant.  They gave him an offer he couldn't refuse, so he decided to take the "red pill" and begin a new journey.


With this step, David found his true gift and calling:  combining his teaching experience with his accounting experience.  In 2006, David decided to launch his own consulting business and that his how Vital IT Partners was formed.  With the advent of the internet, David was able to attract clients from all parts of the US and traveled frequently to meet clients.  As the business grew, David has recruited other consultants, each with their specific specializations. After the initial face-to-face meetings, David and his team are able to perform most services remotely, using remote tools like GoToMeeting and Remote Desktop.  So, this has given David the freedom to be able to work from anywhere in the country.  


Which is a good thing, because in 2008, Elia completed her doctoral thesis and was immediately offered a one-year visiting professor position in River Falls, Wisconsin, about 30 miles east of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  David moved with Elia and continued the business as usual.  In 2009, they moved back to El Paso, and Elia worked as a professor at NMSU, while David continued working with clients around the country.  Elia has excelled in her profession.  She has written several critically acclaimed books in Spanish and speaks frequently at international conferences.  In 2015, Elia was offered the position of Assistant Professor at Lamar University, in Beaumont, Texas, where she is now the Director of the Masters of Arts in Teaching Spanish.

So, David & Elia now live in Beaumont, 90 miles east of Houston, Texas.  Their oldest son David and his wife, Isla, and the grand-baby live in Houston, where he is a research scientist at MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center.  Their daughter, Sara, graduated from ASU with a degree in Business and is now pursuing her Masters in France.  Their youngest son, Mario, graduated from UTEP with a Masters in Accountancy and is now an Accounting Manager for El Paso Electric.  

The move to the Houston area has been a tremendous blessing.  Vital IT Partners has many clients in Houston, some with operations in Europe, Africa and Australia.  Houston is the global hub for oil and gas refining and transportation.  So, Vital IT Partners has made Houston its global headquarters and has exciting plans for growth around the world.

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