What is Partner of Record or POR?

When you purchase qualifying Microsoft Online Services, like Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, or Azure, you are also able to select a certified Microsoft Partner to be “tied” or “connected” to your account – in Microsoft terminology this is called a Partner of Record (POR).


Note: Assigning a Partner of Record to your Microsoft Online Services has absolutely no impact on your monthly subscription cost. It costs you nothing. It also has no impact on the support or services you receive from Microsoft. Additionally, it does not provide a partner access to your data.


Whether you are purchasing direct from the Microsoft Online Customer Portal (MOCP) or from us, selecting a POR is a significant piece to the overall business decision of moving to the cloud.

Reducing TCO with Partner of Record (POR)

The whole methodology around what a Microsoft Partner means to your organization shifts when you move to a subscription-based or “cloud” licensing model from a traditional perpetual licensing model. Obviously, this means there is a licensing component to understand i.e. “What licensing and purchasing mechanism provides the greatest opportunity for increased ROI while reducing our TCO?” There is also a technical solution-architecture component to understand i.e. “What are our deployment options?” “How do we move from our current infrastructure over to the cloud and what is the overall impact and associated cost savings?”

Vital IT Partners as your Partner of Record

Listed above are just a few components to understand how the transition to the cloud affects your business’ short-term goals and long-term success strategy. Vital IT Partners, as an experienced Microsoft Cloud Partner, is uniquely positioned in the market to lead comprehensive licensing and service engagements and discussions from a pre-sales, post-sales, and ongoing support perspective to prepare your organization for the move to the cloud.

Your Partner of Record is More than a Transactional Partner

The days of hardware/software “transactional” partners are coming to a screeching halt. Quite frankly, your business deserves more out of their Microsoft Partner. The Partner of Record you choose for your subscription should provide tangible value to your organization, which at the end of the day means saving you money and helping your business become more agile, robust and efficient.

Again, selecting a Partner of Record for your subscription costs you nothing – nada – zip! It is all upside with no risk to your business. I highly encourage you to base the decision to designate a Partner of Record on the overall “value” that a partner provides.

Click on this link for more information from Microsoft about Understanding the Importance of Digital Partner of Record

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