Vital IT Partners earns Elite Partner status from Avast Business

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Vital IT Partners awarded Elite Partner Status

What does this mean for our clients?

Elite Partner recognition is very important for clients to be confident of our knowledge and expertise to provide the highest quality of managed care services. Also, clients can appreciate our commitment to excellence in meeting the highest standards. Finally, as an Elite Partner, Vital IT receives the highest level of support from Avast, so this provides even more assurance to our clients that they have a strong partner with Vital IT.

How did Vital IT earn this recognition?

Both our technical support personnel and sales associates were required to complete a series of training sessions and then pass an examination after each training session with a score of at least 75%. In addition, Vital IT is required to maintain a high bar of actively engaged managed services clients.

How can you learn more?

Click on this LINK to learn more about Avast Managed Workplace and to take advantage of our special promotion.

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